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Other Atari 2600 Emulators

A26 by Paul Robson.    The first 2600 emulator written completely in assembly language.  I based z26 on this.

PC Atari Emulator by John Dullea.  A sorcerer he is.  It even plays Pitfall II.

Stella by Bradford Mott.  Good quality on many platforms, including MS-DOS.

Virtual VCS by Dan Boris.  The first 2600 emulator to run on MS-DOS.

Technical Resources

Eckhard Stolberg's site.  Eckhard has been helpful to z26 for a long time and he has a web site with many interesting demos and a cart dumper/development system.

Asteroids  by Chris Pile.  I learned a lot about Sound Blaster programming from the source code to this emulator and its author.  But IMHO, it's also the best Asteroids emulator there is.

Bob Colbert's Web Page  Besides being the author of some modern freeware Atari 2600 games like Okie-Dokie, he has also written a number of Atari 2600 development tools including wplaybin, which allows 2600 binaries to be downloaded to a Supercharger and played on a real 2600.

Classic Gaming Tech Homepage   Kevin Horton's place.  He did most of the work to figure out how the weird Atari 2600 carts work.  Almost every 2600 emulator author relies on his work.

Nick Bensema's Atari Programming Page  Some good 2600 demo programs for beginning 2600 programmers can be found here, as well as many modern freeware 2600 games.

Ron Fries' TIASound software  The z26 sound generation software is based on this.   Almost every 2600 emulator that has sound uses this software.

The Art of Assembly Language Programming by Randall Hyde.  This is a major on-line reference for 80x86 programming.

The Dig  Many interesting Atari 2600 demo programs can be found here.

The Oldskool PC -- 1980's IBM PC Gaming Nostalgia and Resources  Trixter's place.  He showed me how to tweak VGA video modes.

The PC64 Commodore 64 Emulator by Wolfgang Lorentz.  This project has 6502 diagnostic programs that I used to check out the z26 CPU emulator.

The VICE Commodore 64 Emulator   The 6502 CPU emulator by Ettore Perazzoli which is part of this project was the basis for the implementation of the undocumented instructions in the z26 CPU emulator.

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